Born and raised in Montreal, I am thrilled to be opening this store to share my passion for mindful living with my community. My mission is to increase access to nutritious, affordable and sustainable food by offering you and your family a revolutionary shopping experience that brings peace of mind on a personal, ecological and economic level. 

Why the buzz? It's no secret that our planet is suffering from the adverse effects of global warming, even the honey bee's are feeling the heat! Over the last 50 years, bee's have been disappearing by the millions. Their pollination provide us with more than one third of the world's food supply, along side delicious honey and beautiful flowery gardens. Without bees, most of the planet's food and native plants will go extinct.

The solution? Organic farming! Conventional food production practices involve the use of a number of chemicals which have devastating effects on the environment, while the residues of these chemicals in food products have long-term negative consequences on human health. When bees have access to pesticide free nutrition, we have access to wholesome nutrition. It may be one of the most powerful tools in the fight against global warming and restoring a functional food system. By making conscious decisions about our individual actions we enable the possibility for a hopeful future for generations to come.

 Together, we can build a better tomorrow one grocery basket at a time. 

- Anna